Monday, November 8, 2010

What to do?

What am i suppose to do now?

I'm here, thinking and planning

What am i going to do next

But i don't plan far ahead of me.

Other wise it won't happen the next time.

I'm going to finish school this year

Can't wait for that to happen cuz I'm a Sr in high school!

Well I'm going to miss my fellow classmates

Actually some of them for that reason,

But hopefully I learn more in college.

I am a bit nervous to go, cuz

I don't know if i will make it that far

But i know in my heart that i will.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mixed Emotions

My mixed emotions
I don't like that
Makes me
I hate that when that happens
Like the whole world is against me
Making me think wrong about people
Telling my mind wrong things
Blocking out what I have in front of me
Every time I have these
I realize
Whats happening
My mixed emotions

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something about Slide shows

Another year to get ready for graduation but this time its my older brother. Last year was my older sister's graduation. I am making a slide show to share it with the whole community to see, this is what I did last year for my sister. It was fun making a slide show, I used IMovie for my sister's slide show but then this year I am using Picasa for the slide show. It is much easier using Picasa because it adjusts the pictures to match up with the songs we display. For the IMovie you try and make the pictures fit or make it even out with the songs you want. If you have IMovie then you will know what I mean, If not then I don't know. Well anyways, I am done with the slide show and Graduation already passed so I'm bushed and didn't get enough sleep for the past two days. :D, more likely to be a frown then a smiley face :( hehee. Well hope you had fun reading my blogs, If not then i totally get it. Take care everyone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seal hopping in Eek, AK

I was supposed to blog this one with the N.Y.O post but then I didn't have the time to download it. But anyway this is me seal hopping, trust me this is kind of hurts for me though but for some people its peace a cake. Well not really, but I went like 101 and something inches. I forgot where I went 125 and something inches last time. I have been going up and down with that and when I was sick or was gonna be sick or short of breath I didn't go that far. When I was in Jr. high though I would get in first place. When we went to Kipnuk, AK like 6 years ago, I went pretty far. I forgot how far though and In Toksook Bay but I didn't really go that far because that was my first year doing N.Y.O and plus i was in Jr. high with my sister Bunna, my cousin Pauline, my friend Jessica, and some other people. I forgot what places I got in Toksook Bay, But I remember i went farther than my sister Bunna. I started going farther and farther after that but sometimes I wouldn't go that far. Well I guess I might start doing some running so that I would be ready for next and start breaking the seal hop record try and beat it. I forgot how far the record was though but I want to try and beat that record. That will be my goal for next N.Y.O season or what ever we call it. This is it for now until next time I write, take care everyone.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My thoughts

Everything is going by so fast, even the days are going, well for me but I don't know about the other people. But a lot has happened since those days, still feels like its going to fast. It feels like we didn't have a weekend or something like that. My sister came to Oscarville on Friday and it feels like she has been here for ages.

I am beginning to get all depressed or something. I wish I had those days when I am not all grumpy or feeling like everything is being pushed down on me like the wild blowing you away. I might have woke up on the wrong side of bed because I woke up at like 9 or somewhere around 9. So far it my day went well but for me I am trying to make it good and all. But then I am still sleepy I guess.

I am starting to regret cutting my hair but I am trying to say it will grow back and all i have to do is have fun and ignore my hair being all short and stuff like that. I am guessing that I want a break from all this that is happening here in Oscarville and wanting to go somewhere else rather than being in the same village and being with the same people but I am alright with that. I just want a break from being here all my life. Well I have been on breaks most of the time but that is when I go for camps or something like that.

I was planning on getting a job somewhere but then my parents suggested that I get one somewhere in Bethel and I was ok with that, but then I might be going there for camp or somewhere else. I should ask my parents if I can stay in Napas for like couple days but i doubt that they will let me go, but I'll be alright with it I think. Well I'll right some more later right now I have to get going so later peace, take care everyone.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

State N.Y.O

The first post about this I said I was going with my dad to state, but I was wrong I only went with my cousin and other people. It was Ok though, but I wanted to go with my dad, but i guess not. I had fun kind of, but some parts I felt like I was left out, but I think that was my fault because I was kind of home sick. Well only a little but not a lot. Plus the first two night at the hotel or in Anchorage I couldn't sleep because the bed was all what you call it. Or maybe I was being to nervous and all excited that I was in Anchorage and all that.
Oh yea I almost forgot to tell you how many people were there and all that. A hole lot of people were there from different villages and places. But from LKSD there was like a total of 21 including the couches and chaperons. There was 16 students and there was, Yako McCarr, Rena Tony, Albert Tunuchuk, Delcie Davis, Ted Whitman, Megan Friday, Andrew White, Alicia Chagluak, Daniel Andrew III, Amanda Black, Thomas Albert, Laura Therchik, Moses Charles, Chinace Egoak, Frank Link, and Me Jackie Joekay.
The coaches and chaperons are Charlie Isaac, Paul Paul, Marty Smith, Monica Hecklinger, and Sharon Wagner.
That all the people who went to state from LKSD. I wanted to do all the event but it was ok. Some part of the day, I was sleepy and before I did two foot I closed my eyes, but then I couldn't sleep and all. I went to bed around 3 that night and couldn't sleep after I woke up at 5, well I just had my eyes closed and moving around to get comfy but then I couldn't.
Well I have to go and do some other work, I'll write more later. Take care everyone.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Native Youth Olympics (N.Y.O)

Native Youth Olympics also known as (N.Y.O) this year was really awesome. We have been going to other village to N.Y.O meets. Our first semester of N.Y.O, we went to Chefornak, Akula, and Kwethluk. First semester there was also a Napakiak meet but then we didn't go because the river was freezing up or we didn't know if it was safe to go on. When we went to the first meet which was Chefornak, we went by helicopter to Bethel because the river was trying to freeze and was really thin ice. I think thats all we went to and then this semester we went to Eek, Napaskiak, and Akula was the Districts meet. There also was Nunap but then we didn't go. Couple times I got first place in the events but then the only event that I got first place in every village we went to was Two foot.
I get to go state for two foot this year and also my dad (who is the coach) gets to go state. I am really excited to go. I am going with my cousin/best friend and that is really awesome because I'm going with my cousin/best friend and my dad. Well I guess thats all I have to say until next time I blog, Ok well later and take care people.